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We are on a mission to keep the digital world safe

Internet-connected devices are changing the way we experience the world.

As connectivity evolves, every new access point can become the potential target of the next cyber-attack. At cyan, we believe that Internet users all over the world deserve a safe online experience at all times, no matter where they are. With our leading technology powered by Threat Intelligence, we are always a step ahead of the ever-evolving nature of cyber-attacks.

The cyan Way

Building convenient solutions that provide unbeatable protection.


A great solution does not have to be complicated

Integrated Digital Security Products

Simple deployment and activation for different customer groups

White label solutions

White labelling for any brand

Fastest time to market

Fast time-to-market

Technical Excellence

Threat Intelligence is the core of our solutions

Global and local live sourcing

Global and local research network and live sourcing

Patented Analysis

Patented analysis methods

Endless scalability

Endless scalability potential

Flexibility & customization

The right fit for different industry demands

Flexible business model

New and flexible business models for MNOs/ISPs, MVNOs, insurance companies and banks

White label solutions

Customizable White Label solutions for different industries (MNO/ISP, banks, insurances, and retail)

International and Independent

Global operations ensure customer satisfaction European based with an international customer focus

Mass market

mass-market proven

Threat Intelligence

The hybrid force driving our security solutions

We combine machine intelligence with an expert team of data scientists who have an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving nature of cyber-threats.

Threat Intelligence

Big Data Analysis

We process more than +1,000 billion anonymized DNS requests per month, whereby suspicious domains are identified and fed into our research environment.

Global Live Sourcing

Our virtual machines are distributed in data centers all over the world, running content analysis 24/7 and delivering output to our threat data base.

Human Intelligence

Our team of data scientists safeguards the quality of automated website categorization by orchestrating global machine efforts at our central research hub in Europe.

Ongoing Data Updates

Our threat database is updated at 2-hourly intervals, aiming at feeding new threat findings directly into our customer’s engines in real time.

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cyan Digital Security - History

On a mission to make the world a safer place

Meet our Management Board

From a clear vision to a successful cyber security provider

We stand for Internet Security. At a very early stage of our careers, we realized that cyber-attacks would become one of the most dangerous threats to the digital lives of people. Our combination of industrial experience and a clear vision will ensure that our company has a successful future, and peace of mind for all users surfing the Internet. Stay safe!

Our CEO Peter Arnoth
CEO (until 31.12.2020)

Peter Arnoth

Peter Arnoth helped to achieve cyan’s global sales success by consistently aligning our security solutions with customer needs: using the simplest possible implementation with the maximum possible benefits! During his long and successful career, he gained valuable experience from his time working in the telecom industry before joining cyan as a co-founder. As CEO he has been responsible for cyan’s overall strategy as well as its marketing and sales, right from the very beginning. He has made a significant contribution to repositioning cyan from a B2B supplier to a leading global cyber security provider. At the end of 2020 he will be passing on the torch to his successor Frank von Seth, handing over a healthy, growing company that is on the verge of the next level of success.
Frank von Seth, CEO
CEO (from 01.01.2021)

Frank von Seth

Frank von Seth is multinational with an extremely commercial driven vita. During his entire career, he has either created or improved existing companies or taken them to the next level of success. His passion for people and his curiosity about markets and new strategies have allowed him to achieve a network of success in many countries and continents. He sees the opportunity for cyan to become a world-standard in cyber security for mobile devices and is eager to recommend this to new partners, clients, and networks. He will officially run the cyan team from 01.01.2021.
Our CTO Markus Cserna

Markus Cserna

Markus Cserna is the head of cyan’s IT department, where his work is laying the foundation of our success: using technological advancement to support the fight against Internet fraudsters and help to distinguish us from the competition. He started his career as a software specialist for high performance security network components before founding cyan in 2006, with the ultimate vision of protecting Internet users across the world. Since then he has led cyan as CTO with a restless passion for cyber security technology, which proves itself time and time again to be the decisive step forward in dynamic markets.
Our CFO Michael Sieghart

Michael Sieghart

Michael Sieghart is a seasoned financial expert and the stabilizing force behind our company. With a tremendous amount of experience, commitment to diligence and a vast amount of specialist knowledge, he puts us in a position to pursue sustainable, stable growth. He began his career as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank after which he was active as CFO in of London’s major financial service companies. With proven experience in the capital market, he joined the cyan group as CFO in 2018 and was responsible for successfully putting the company on the stock market and acquiring I-New.

Our Core Value Proposition

How we can help your business by providing Seamless Security solutions

From mobile network operators to insurances, from individuals to business customers, from bundles to standalone products: We can provide you with digital products that will either protect your customers against cyber-threats (Seamless Security Solutions) or support MVNOs and B-Brands with our BSS/OSS Platform to fulfil the digital needs of the competitive industry that they are in.

Our products are defined as being technologically leading with easy and seamless integration, having a fast time-to-market and most of all built-in profitability that pays off.

Clients as Proof

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