• Covid-19 forced companies to migrate towerds remote working

  • Employees rely more on their own home networks and devices

  • Securing private networks and devices has become more important

41% of employees are likely to work remotely in the future or at least for some days per week – reveals a recent survey by Gartner. While COVID-19 forced companies to migrate towards remote working, the real challenge became securing the infrastructure with employees relying more on their own home networks and devices under BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

If this rule is the case in a company, the business is definitely faced with very high security risks, as employees surf the Internet with their own end devices within their own networks. Often outdated software is used on the devices and the network that is used, is in most cases unprotected.


The importance of securing private networks as well as employees’ own devices experienced a sudden peek over the last couple of months. The global outbreak of COVID-19 led to an incredible rise in cyber-attacks, as the fear of the public fuels the malicious actions of cyber criminals, which are trying to exploit the current situation with all possible means.


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