Seamless Security use cases

We provide digital security for every life situation

Individuals, families, companies.
At home, at work or on the go.

Everyone, everywhere: protected by your brand:

The technological possibilities are increasing, but at the same time so are cyber-threats, exposing devices and private information to malicious content, cyber-attacks, and misuse. Our products provide the tools for keeping on top of these cyber-threats, allowing you to make use of customized security solutions that meet the requirements of your customers.

Our white labelled B2B2C solutions provide comprehensive protection from cyber-threats, in order to ensure that you have a seamless and carefree online experience. All under your own brand.

Security Use Cases

Position your company as a security service provider

Take advantage of our customizable solution portfolio, which will provide you with the right product for all of your customers

Individual Protection

Do you want to ensure your individual customers’ digital safety? We have the right solution to suit every requirement.

Family & Home Protection

A convenient all-in-one package for the whole family. Our Family & Home Protection combines mobile and fixed-line protection with all of the advantages of network-based and application-based protection in order to provide an integrated online security experience.

Business Protection

Our solution for small businesses provides your clients with the tools needed to secure all virtual doors to their company’s data. One solution covers all: all employees, profiles and devices secured and managed via one central fleet management panel.

Child Protection

Help parents to protect those who they love the most, and provide them with the right solution for ensuring that their little ones have a safe online experience.

Worldwide Seamless Security.