• A global cyber pandemic would spread faster and would have an enormous negative impact on the world’s economy

  • A digital quarantine would cost the world more than 50 billion dollars per day

  • All affected devices must be kept offline and vulnerable devices must get secured

In a matter of seconds our usual way of life could be disrupted by a pandemic, environmental crises, or cyber-attacks. By today the impact of the current crisis affects all of us but what if such an infectious virus would attack our digital life?

We can certainly say, a global cyber pandemic would spread even faster and leave a trail of destruction with an enormous negative impact on the world’s economy. For example, think of a social network page with a follower base of 2 billion that recently got infected and turned from safe to contagious unnoticed. Assuming a reproductive rate of 20, there would be 1 billion infected devices within 5 days. Subsequently, a digital quarantine would arise that would cost the world more than 50 billion dollars per day! In such a scenario, all affected devices must be kept offline and the rest of the world must secure their vulnerable devices with a comprehensive device protection to ward off potential attacks.

How we can support you in protecting your customers: We detect and remove cyberthreats before they even reach your customers.


We provide you with a wide portfolio of digital security solutions powered by our unique threat intelligence technology. Our White Label solutions cover all platforms and devices with network and application-based products. We help protect your customers in every life situation – anytime, anywhere.


Our network-based security solution OnNet Security enables service providers and carriers to take full advantage of their existing infrastructure by providing fully converged security with a mass-market approach. Our white label security solution offers a frictionless onboarding and is designed for every customer segment with internet-ready devices.

In addition, OnDevice Security is an endpoint-based solution that keeps service providers’ customers and their devices safe from cyberthreats including phishing, fraud, malware, and more. Our white label solution secures the endpoints of your customers offering a seamless experience across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

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